How was the 8th Annual Charleston Natural Hair Expo?

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

I must say that I've been trying to get to this event since the very first one but life and circumstances sometimes has a way of intervening. Nevertheless, I was fortunate enough to come and share the experience of celebrating, catering, and embracing our natural hair texture. I love seeing all of the amazing black women who were there doing the same and it feels like it's one moment in time where we as black women are united in common culture and the love for our natural hair.

Below you can get my full review on the expo, catch some coverage and check out some photos. Tell me your thoughts below!

Alikay Naturals was this year's platinum sponsor

Uncle Funky's Daughter

Uncle Funky's Daughter on the main stage

Evita and I taking pictures with Curly Kinky Cool props

My top from Curly Kinky Cool. Can't wait to wear it!

Shana form Shana's Natural Creations, telling us about her natural skin care products

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