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So I did a thing...again. Yep, I'm tired of me too with my wish washy, confused, "but I'm artist" ass. Aht Aht..🖐🏽 don't judge me because some of you all are in the same positions and aren't willing to put it out there. So you're in luck because I'll use my ugly truths if it's for the purpose of all of us gaining understanding from it.

So, yeah. I decided, while being lowkey from social media and other distractions, that I wanted to use my Dream Bella platform to create content for the purpose of marketing one's brand. Why one may ask? Well I enjoy supporting small businesses and black owned businesses. We definitely need more black owned businesses for more diversity in this world and we don't have to feel so defeated when it comes to not having the options when black people are marginalized from these big corporations. I feel in some way that supporting small black business is doing my part in establishing a strong economical structure for our black community. And why not use all of my many creative talents to help brand and promote said businesses, right?

My journey with Dream Bella has been a topsy-turvy ride. From initially partnering to be an ad agency, to blogging (all kinds of blogging) vlogging, makeup, beauty...the list goes on. However, I bring up my Jumanji of a dream because in everything I tried to do I was lost on how to market all of the things I wanted to do. See, much of my problem wasn't the fact that I wanted to blog, vlog, do makeup, photo shoots or etc; but my problem was I didn't know how to package and sell it to my audience without it seeming as though I was lost and lacked direction. I mean I was lost because I had all these ideas but didn't know what to do with it. However, had I took the time to best present it or market to my target audience, I just may have had a Fortune 500 company right now. Well they say shoot for the moon.

With that being said, I don't think a lot of us realize when we start a business the importance of marketing and branding. A lot of us believe when we start a business friends, family and such are going to automatically support. We believe that our business idea is so dope that it's just going blow up like the 4th of July. Or if we don't believe that, due to receiving a good response when you initially open the business, we don't think about expansion and growth. We get content and comfortable where we should be always trying to grow our business. Not necessarily on the theory of having chains or becoming commercial but more so on reaching people beyond your area. Or being able to expand a product line or upgrade services. Everything has to have some type or growth or else it'll get stagnant and end up drying die, even your business.

So has does marketing come in handy? it allows you to figure out how to speak directly to the people that sees a demand in your business. How do you get them to see a demand in your business? Well that's when branding comes in handy because your business get these people aka target market or audience ) to understand what your business is and how it .aligns with their demand without having to give a presentation. Basically it's telling people how your business is different from the others without having to literally tell them.


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