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Why work with Dream Bella

Dream Bella aka Dream Bella Boo is a digital content website based on beauty, style and life for black women. Our content provides women of color a place to indulge in aspects of being women that they are often overlooked in. We give tips, advice, tutorials and conversations that are missing from mainstream media as it relates to black women.

If you're looking to target black women or women of color then you've definitely found the right site. Being that we have been in this market for only a year we are building a faithful core audience that loves the intimacy of our engagement. Our audience are loyal, responsive and passionate about being black women.

Promote your product or brand with a feature blog post or social media post.

As we are new, our blog is steadily growing and has the potential to be the go to space for black women who love or want to know more about beauty, style and life issues as it pertains to them. We create content where they read about how to style themselves for everyday occasions without feeling body conscious; being knowledgeable on makeup and skin care products; learning how to use products; and topical issues that black women face day to day.

Majority of my readers age between 24 to 34, we still have a growing number that age anywhere between 35 to 45, so read more on how we can work together.

Media Kit

Click here to download a copy of my media kit – if you require any additional information (my rates, for example), please send me an email stating exactly what offers you have in mind as I quote based on the service that is wanted or needed.

Email: dreambellabou@gmail.com


 To date we've worked with a plethora of indie black owned brands and businesses and because we have a passion working with them we make sure we go above and beyond. If allowed, we create campaigns that come with short video commercials, photo shoots and of course blog and social media posts. Companies listed above are The Glam Corner, Finish n' Touch, Charleston Fashion Experience, Charleston Natural Hair Expo, and Kerri's Kiss Naturals.

Topics We Cover

  Beauty| Social Issues| Relationships| Health| Self Love


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