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My name is Melissa Renee and I have 8 years or more experience when it comes to makeup. I am self taught through trial and error and I have been doing makeup professional for around 5 years. My trial and errors are essential to being able to help others because I was once there, so I get it. 


 Being here tells me your taking your own outcome into your hands. Everyday Slay Masterclass will give you all the tools and skills you need to apply and perfect your own makeup. Due to recent events, things all around us are changing from social distancing and employment layoffs. So it's understandable that paying to get your makeup done might not be essential to your list of priorities at this time. However, it doesn't mean that you have to put it on the back burner either. Use this time to build on skills that will pleasant on your pockets and who knows you might become the next beauty influencer.

With that being said, ESM is here and curated, to ensure that you learn everything there is to learn about doing your own makeup. You will learn step by step from the basic to more of the advance techniques and skills to have your makeup looking professional. Melissa will teach you through detailed tutorials, how to use tools and products, reviews on products, cost effective techniques and so much more!

Makeup is an art form and once you're ready, you'll have the skill set of an artist and will be able to implement your own individuality. It's not like being able to do your makeup like anyone else, it's about doing your makeup like you and looking amazing!

What does my subscription pay for?

  • Monthly step by step tutorials

  • Monthly reviews

  • Monthly product knowledge

  • Monthly GIVEAWAYS

  • Weekly Live streaming

  • Guest Speakers/Teachers

  • One on One sessions/Group sessions

What will I learn?

  • Basic application

  • Makeup Techniques

  • Product knowledge

  • Makeup technology

  • Trends

  • Shortcuts

  • Social media


        AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!


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