Who is Dream Bella?

Hello, my name is Melissa Renee and I am Dream Bella. Dream Bella is my lifestyle as a black woman through the art of beauty healing and life. I have definitely been through the ups and downs of creating who and what Dream Bella represented. Was she beauty, style, life....etc? I've been so many things in establishing my brand that I became lost in it all.

So I fell back for some time and put her on pause to figure out who she was; and within that time frame I was able to let her spirit guide me where it must. However, I wanted to make her more of an impact and more purposeful than another makeup, beauty, style influencer. I want her to be the change you need to see to know that you can be happy, in love, confident with who you are.

Learning, loving, and knowing who you are is who and what Dream Bella represents. Dream Bella is a journey of discovery and self seeking. To look beautiful is great but to feel beautiful is a level that exceeds any level... it's internal; and that's who Dream Bella is. A journey to let your beauty within reflect on the exterior in better terms the "Lifestyle of a Melanin Beauty.

Who is Melissa Renee`?

I'm a stay at home mother who's struggled with finding my purpose. Late in life I decided to go back to school where I received a bachelors degree in Fashion Retail Management. I was motivated in owning my own business which later translated into being a wardrobe stylist; where both ended in  a nowhere road. Later I became invested in being a professional makeup artist and struggled for multiple years when I came to the conclusion that I no longer felt purposeful. However, I did master the artistry on the level that I felt was my lane ( natural, natural glam, simple, elegant, everyday and soft)

I then decided to start a blag site called "Dream Bella" where I metamorphosed my passion for writing and art. I struggled back and forth with the direction seeing as though I was conflicted on what was thriving and what felt purposeful.

I then started a show with my best friend called "Drinks and Discussions" where we deep dive on current events but most importantly the issues that effect us as black women.

I now continue to raise my children as a career mom but I'm putting more of my purpose with my hobbies and throwing in some passion to get what we have now.


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