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South Carolina based

Get into the Melanin Beauty Lifestyle. Content created for Black Women by Black Women


Making My Own Beauty Standards

When I looked at my pictures to pick the ones I wanted edited I started to nick pick on every flaw I saw. "My boobs look saggy." "I have rolls in my back" "My butt isn't huge."


Black Women & Gardening

New episode of Drinks and Discussions talking about entanglements and men

Mo' Money Mo' Glo

I know we like to save our coins but it's just some makeup products that we have to invest a little more money on to get the best outcome.

Dream Bella is beauty but not just beauty that are tied to the social standards of society; but a beauty within that reflects on the exterior. I try to stay true to who I am and in return I feel a beauty that flows in every extension of me. I match the way I feel, which is natural, beautiful, soft and simple. You can follow me and watch my tutorials on getting the best looks without going over the top. You don't have to be a beauty guru to match the beauty within.

While establishing Dream Bella I have been on a journey that had me on discovery, healing and progression. My healing has helped me progress in my physical, mental and emotional health. Join me on this journey where I learn how to keep myself healthy with eating the right foods, herbs, and exercise. As well as keeping that mental and emotional health in line with unpacking and eliminating stresses and unhealthy habits in life.

My journey with Dream Bella has made me realized that life happens and with that you have to know how to take the good with the bad. As a wise woman said "Life is about adapting and adjusting" (from Eat, Love, Pray) and it can take a toll but sometimes a glass of wine and laptop can release those feelings. Or listening or reading a blog from my show "Drinks & Discussions" can help us unpack, adjust and adapt.


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