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I want to help you show the world the beauty in your vision.

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We specialize in Beauty, Fashion, &  Lifestyle brands

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Let us create a vision that helps your brand, mission, and message reach your audience and potential audience to help build your revenue and expand your business.

This is me

Melissa Renee' is the founder and creative director of Dream Bella. She is a visionary artist and has the passion for expressing art in creative ways that shows the beauty in the art. Melissa is versed in makeup artistry, video editing, graphics and creative directing and taking ideas and bringing them to vision. She loves to empower, support and assist those who voices aren't being heard.

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I create content
and campaigns to help
brand small businesses

Dream Bella Creative is not your average branding agency because we treat your business like it's our business. How do we achieve this you may ask? We achieve this by making sure that our purpose aligns with your purpose. Our aim is to take your vision, create and curate it in a way that it gives people a deeper connection with your brand. And what better way but through art?

Working with small businesses in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industry is our specialty. Due to Melissa Renee's education and experience as an Art Institute alumni, we've been able to have the opportunity to gain the experience and knowledge on how to market said industries.

"We want the world to see the beauty in your vision"

We're forever grateful & appreciative to all the businesses that allowed us the opportunity to help in sharing and creating the vision for your audience and business.




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